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The Varsity Jacket, also known as the letter jacket, is constructed from wool with leather sleeves. The Varsity Jacket first appeared on the scene in 1953 when athletes and club members all over the United States dreamed of sporting their achievements in sports, clubs, and academics.

How To Order Your Jacket 

1. Come to All Heart Athletics to Size your Jacket. Finding the correct size is very important for this type of investment. 

2. Bring your Varsity Patches & Numbers if your school provides them. We carry patches for those local schools that do not supply them. 

3. Have an idea of how you want to personalize your jacket. Are we using a first name or a last name? What would you like embroidered on the back? 

4. Finalize All Details & Place Your Order In-Store. 


5. Let us do the work from there! 

Visit Us Today In-Store at our Monroe or Dundee Location! 

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Our Store


6363 N Monro Street 

Monroe, MI 48162

(734) 242-0774


143 Riley Street

Dundee, MI 48131

(734) 828-6437

Open Hours


Mon - Thurs    9-5 pm

Friday              9-6 pm 

Saturday         10:30 - 2pm


Tue - Fri          12-6pm

Sat                  10-2pm

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